Getting best exercises for wider shoulders

5 exercises to wide  the shoulders

Getting best exercises for wider shoulders takes work, in and out of the gym. Training at home is a slight obstacle, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be overcome.  Your best bet is to invest in a set of strong resistance bands with handles. Couple resistance band exercises with body weight exercises, and you will be well on your way.

From the classic push-ups to the ground, to the side and rear lifts, up to the most modern Arnold and Military Press.
Here are all the best physical exercises to widen your shoulders.
Just a few minutes a day to perform specific exercises for the shoulders and say goodbye to the shoulders tightly. Follow us in this virtuous training path and you will not be disappointed at all.

5 exercises to wide  the shoulders
Ground deflections

So effective, how simple to do. One of the exercises to be performed comfortably free body, are the push-ups on the ground. To achieve maximum results on the body in fact, just lie down on the ground with the abdomen resting on the floor. Or if you prefer on a softer surface, such as a mat. From the position on your stomach, bring your arms to shoulder height, resting your palms on the ground.

At this point force on the upper limbs and on the tips of the feet, trying to lift the body up to fully extend the arms. When you reach the position of maximum extension, begin to flex your elbows, returning to the ground until you touch the floor with your face. Repeat the exercise for 10 consecutive times and, in a short time, the narrow shoulders will no longer be a problem.

Side risers

Getting best exercises for wider shoulders is perfect for strengthening the upper back and for tightening the tight shoulders in no time.
Stand up, better if facing a mirror to control body movements. The knees should be slightly bent and feet even. Take the dumbbells off the ground and tighten them firmly in your hands, leave your arms stretched out at your sides. From this position, raise your arms and try to reach the cross position, holding it for a few seconds.
Repeat the exercise at least 5 times, in 2 series interspersed with a one minute break. Be careful not to flex your elbows during the maximum load position, to avoid unnecessarily burdening your forearm. For these shoulder exercises to be correct and effective.

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Rear risers

Getting best exercises for wider shoulders to be performed are the rear risers. To carry it out properly you need to use not only the handlebars but also a bench, inclined at 45 degrees.
Lie down on top of yourself, completely supporting the part of the trunk up to the knees. The feet should be aimed at the ground and the arms free to move.
At this point, take the two handlebars and start lifting. This up to the maximum extension with the arms slightly above the level of the back. Slowly descend to the starting position, exhaling completely. Once the arms are again facing the ground, inhale and come back with wide arms. Repeat the exercise for at least 20 rear lifts. 

Arnold Press

We raise the level of shoulder exercises with Arnold Press. The handlebars, already very useful for side lifts. Say goodbye to the narrow shoulders.
To perform the Arnold Press best, sit down, keeping your back straight. Grasp the dumbbells with the palms facing the body, bringing the arms close to the chest. From this position start stretching your arms upward, rotating your hands 180 °, to the maximum extent. The palms will be facing outwards.
Reverse, and repeat for at least 10 times. If you feel the tension on the whole group of muscles of the deltoid. This means that you are working hard to widen your shoulders. 

Military Press

The moment of the Military Press has arrived. Our training to finally say goodbye to the narrow shoulders is getting more and more intense. Always with the help of the handlebars, put yourself, as for the side risers, in a completely upright position and bring your hands to the height of the neck.

The dumbbells should be just below the ears, exactly resting on the shoulders. From here, push the arms straight upward until the adjacent dumbbells are above the head. To getting best exercises for wider shoulders at its best, exhale during the extension push. Then inflate the lungs with oxygen as you return to the starting position. Repeat for at least 2 sets of 10 risers, interspersing them with 1 minute of recovery.