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The 5 best fitness and exercise apps

Today we can achieve our goals with technology.

The same thing is also valid for a very interesting objective. I’m talking about the 5 best fitness and exercise apps.

With an app! There are several ways to make the workouts more effective and to monitor our progress. Here are the best.

All sports enthusiasts have demonstrated, at least once in their life, a fitness app. This is  to monitor their progress or to follow the  target  training plan.

Since we live practically in symbiosis with our smartphone, we have discovered a world of opportunities.  That also go into the fitness world.

In fact, there are a lot of great applications for mobile devices. Now for devices like smartwatches or headphones that can be useful for optimizing workouts.

My Fitness Pal


MyFitnessPal as well as being an app  is a real planning dedicated to wellness planning. This application monitors both your diet and daily physical exercise.

Just enter every day what you eat and how much physical activity you do. So the app will calculate the calories consumed  and the fitness program tailored for you to follow to burn them.

Not only that, within the application isa pedometer that automatically updates the duration of the walk.

Virtuagym Fitness – Home & Gym I’m talking about the 5 best fitness and exercise apps.

Virtuagym Fitness - Home & Gym

With this application you can monitor not only the exercise program, but also the results obtained and your calendar. It is a real virtual gym open 24 hours a day.

The app also provides all the instructions to perform the exercises correctly, provides 3D videos, graphs that show the progress of your training. This let you  activate the notifications you’ll remember to do!

Push Ups Workout

Push Ups Workout calculates the burned calories and adjusts the training program by setting an exercise plan, divided into six levels. The most beautiful is based on your age and weight. Do you want to focus on your arms, shoulders and chest muscles? The application will make you as a personal trainer, providing different exercise routines and taking into account the folds made.

The nice thing is that it keeps the counts increasing the counterweight displayed each time you touch the smartphone’s nose screen. Simple but fun.

Yoga.com app

If your heart activities and gym workouts are not for you. Then you can always own yourself in yoga! With the Yoga.com app you will have the opportunity to discover up to 289 different yoga positions and follow the 37 programs designed for different levels.

Thanks to videos and images you can easily follow the workouts, learn to know the meaning of different positions and dedicate your free time to train body and mind. Is a paid version, but by purchasing it you will have access to even more advanced workouts.

Flexter Fitness Free Daily Workout is the 5 best fitness and exercise apps.

Flexter Fitness Free Daily Workout

With this application, you have many exercises for the home and fitness for all your needs and training needs.

It starts from the famous training of 7 minutes a day, through the “30 days challenge” until you get to targeted exercises for each part of the body buttocks, abdominals, legs, arms, and cardio activities of various types.

The app also keeps track of the exercises you have already tried so, it always proposes you new challenges.
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