Best Fitness Exercises to be slim, 5 exercises to lose weight

Which are 3 best fitness exercises to do for losing  weight?

Doing only one diet does not help to lose weight. Most importantly is to make physical movements. In short, doing best fitness exercises. If the diet is at the top of your list of good intentions. Moreover, you have to put the exercise routines to do almost every day. The most critical point of those who want to lose weight is the abdomen. The critical point of those who want to lose weight is the belly, so this remains the point on which to focus more attention. Above all, another attention is also that the legs and arms will be involved in these exercises.

Exercises to lose weight: abdomen and leg.

It is a tiring exercise, but with sure results that involve the whole body. Walk a little further: sit down and hold your hands in front of your fingers. With a jump, the legs are protruding and assume the typical turning position. One or two laps are performed on the wings. With a new jump, bring your feet closer to your hands to return to the starting position of the meeting. At this point, for example, jump and shoot your arms over your head. Exercise should be performed without interruption or with the movement caught and must be doubled to complete a series.

Exercises to lose weight on the feet.

The forelegs are able to shape thighs and buttocks. Feet, legs and arms slightly open on the sides. After that, take a step forward, sit back and hold it back and bend your leg forward. In order to form a 90 ° angle with your knee. So, bend the leg until it touches the floor almost at the knee. Return to the starting position and train with the other leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times in the foot (20 in total). To intensify the exercise you only have to keep two small weights run.

Exercises to lose weight: legs and stomach

Take some books and put it on the ground: make a stack of about 30 cm. Go to the side of the pile of books with your feet almost joined together. With a jump on foot together overcome the obstacle. Always try to bring the legs to the chest. You can put books to the side or look forward, jump up! Try making at least 10 consecutive jumps without stopping. Every time you put your feet on the ground, you’ll have to bounce like a spring.

Exercises to lose weight: the handles of love

The handles of love have nothing soft, especially for those who can not wait to get rid of it and no longer has that little roll of flab coming out of too tight jeans. Naturally, a diet helps, but it is not enough alone. In fact, it is an area that requires specific exercises to be modeled.
Standing, legs slightly apart and arms extended along the body. From this initial position slightly bend the torso on one side: keep your back straight. In doing the movement you will have to contract the lateral abs.

In this way, the abdominal muscle works and protects the back. Then return to the initial position and fold in the opposite direction. The movements of best fitness exercises must be small and fast. The hands slide along the thigh until almost touching the knees. Repeat the exercise 50 times (do not be scared of the number, it is not a tiring exercise!)

Exercises to lose weight: the arms

A critical point for many women, the thinning of the arms is difficult but not impossible. Strong and tonic weapons are important to them especially in the summer. When the arms are placed in the foreground of clothes and tank tops.
Being able to firm up the hated tent that swings when you raise your arms is not impossible. Just some best fitness exercises to do at home and your arms will be back to being toned. Take one pound pesos or take two liters of water and follow these simple exercises.