Best fitness and food in the summer.

The summer season is back and with it the desire to do some movement. So, let’s try some best fitness and food in the summer, to pass the Bikini test.
Remember that we must always train and help the metabolism, making its function faster.

To dispose of a few extra pounds, we don’t have to skip meals but simply lighten them. So, the best fitness has a portion of good food.

An abundant breakfast is important, perhaps with low-fat yogurt and fruit, and wholemeal bread or rusks.

-Remember that we chew slowly: it takes 20 minutes from the beginning of the meal before the satiety signal reaches the brain.

-We should sleep at least 7 hours per night. Because insomnia causes an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone that stimulates the sense of hunger.

Given that, for both women and men, the sore spot is the belly. It is important to improve the functioning of the intestine by adding fibers to your diet like (fruits, vegetables, yogurt, whole grains).

Small tips for a rich and healthy diet that, together with a bit of sport, will help us get back into shape for the long-awaited holidays.

Before workout

The goal is to load our body with the right amount of sugars, water, mineral salts and vitamins necessary to give the body the energy needed to cope with physical effort.

It is important not to get too heavy. Food that is difficult to digest becomes essential especially during the summer “.
We avoid the risk of nullifying all the positive effects of a trip to the park or a workout in the gym ”.

Better to choose fresh and light foods:
 “The idea is to eat something an hour before doing an activity. A perfect fruit salad, even cereal bars, or wholemeal biscuits “.

Eat fruit as:
  • Bananas can be eaten before starting our workout. They provide energy, potassium, carbohydrates and the calories needed for a good workout.
  • Pomegranate juice: could help speed up post-workout muscle recovery. But be sure to choose
    100% pomegranate juice, with no added sugar, so you can get your fill of well-being and energy.
  • Raisins: it contains good amounts of potassium and natural sugars, which give the body an extra charge during training. Eat a handful before the workout to improve your performance.
According to the goal.

If you do an outdoor activity, in particular, you need constant hydration. “In these cases, our advice is to choose full-bodied water. Which means, rich in mineral salts. When you go to the gym or run better drink water that helps to restore the substances we lose with sweat “.
Better to avoid the supplements, “which contain too much sugar”.

After the workout

Once back home, don’t forget to drink, just as it is important to eat to recover the sugars and proteins we have lost.

“Often immediately after an intense physical activity you are not hungry because of the bowel muscles still contracted.
 It is best to let them rest for at least half an hour before putting something in your teeth. “
For example, fresh and nutritious foods are what we need: “A salad with tuna or salmon, ham or steak is great.
As well as fish, cooked or raw like sushi and sashimi, to supply us with Omega 3 ”.

A last note for the condiments: “Excellent that there is extra virgin olive oil but it is good to remember that the less it is the better it is”.

One hour of exercise a day is enough to not put on weight. This is a result of the best fitness and food.
So, being fit means feeling good about yourself too.