How to do best fitness without the personal trainer

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We will explain how to do best fitness well and stay motivated during training without the personal trainer!

All the celebrities in the world train best fitness with the personal trainer. This has been developed for their training, to stay motivated and to improve the outcomes.

But even without a personal trainer, you can be able to train the maximum! It is important to follow their advice and put them into practice. This is to become the personal trainer of yourself!

First of all, you need to pay attention to how to do best fitness. Exercises should be performed fairly, making the muscles work properly and reducing the risk of injury.

Therefore, if you do not have a personal trainer recommending you. Check out the videos of certified instructors by choosing your goals and skills. You do not have to use them for exercise, but use them to make sure you do the best fitness on  right way.

Another idea is to prepare training card for best fitness without the personal trainer, as you do at the gym:

It will be easier to follow your intentions.  In the gym, only the payment for training is an incentive not to skip lessons. If you work alone, in addition to creating a training card, schedule appointments with a friend to train together.

Work out regularly for two weeks, whether it’s running, weight training or yoga. Always keep track of your results, just like a personal trainer would do. Write down the details of the training: type of exercise, repetitions, duration of training, weekly frequency. When you can finish a workout without much effort and breathing, you can take a step.

For example, you can follow the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2×2 rule. If you can do 2 more repetitions than you expect, you are ready to lift more weight. If you do cardio, use a heart rate detector or smart watch to monitor your progress. The smart watch and fitness app can also help you achieve this goal.

Keep your nutrition under control, because it plays a fundamental role in fitness and health. Writing what you eat will help you not to constantly bite it: many of us eat much more than they believe. Also, try drinking a lot more and start each meal with a portion of vegetables.

Motivation is essential for training best fitness without the personal trainer:

Generally, those who start training do not last longer than 3-6 months. In this case, a personal trainer would be essential, but you can create specific and specific goals.

For example, not only “lose weight”, but lose 2 kg in the first month by training 3 times a week. Use a new app, buy a new pair of leggings to train or use the smart watch: make training fun, not an obligation but a pleasure. Share your results with friends, on social networks and through apps.

Last important rule: choose the workout that best suits your personality. If you have trouble eating in the morning, do not force yourself to run or train. It will be easier to give up on the first obstacle.\[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” ]