Best Fitness workout for legs. Simple exercises for perfect slender legs

We have prepared a series of Fitness workout for legs. These sessions are for 15 – 30 minutes, on these muscle groups. This fitness workout for legs can be used during the week, or combine them.

The leg training is often the most taxing after all means training half of our body in one session. To do this we often need one or two hours in the gym. But … Fortunately, there are also other possibilities and, with the right techniques and the right exercises. Also, they may be enough even just 15 or 30 minutes.

With 7 simple and super effective exercises we can reach our goal. Don’t forget to do a light warm-up, and If we want to have the best results for the best fitness, we should do 30reps of each set.

7 simple Fitness Workout for legs
The first exc: Lunges with jump changing legs.

Hold our back straight, lunge forward with our left leg and keep our right knee lower than the left one. Then, jump up as high as we ca.  Raising arms up will help us a lot.

Change our legs in the air each time for landing. Latter, gradually we will increase the number of reps from 10 or 12 reps to 30 reps.

The second exs: Jump crunches

This exercise is difficult and requires more fitness work for legs than the others. So, take position! Bend knees a little bit and then we will draw our arms back. Jump straight up, trying to lift our knees as high as we can.

This exercise is intensive and requires deviding in three sets with 10reps each. Also, to do a rest for one minute between each set.

Third exc: Leg raise on the side.

This is the best fitness beneficial fitness workout for legs exercise for our outer thighs and buttocks.

Lie on right side and prop our self on our hand. Put left hand firmly on the floor in front of us. Then slowly raise and lower our left leg without sharp or high movements. As a beginner do 10 or 12 reps. After 30reps for each leg. Then, change side and repeat the same movements.

Forth exc: Leg raise for the inner thighs on the side.

This exercise is to perform better your inner thighs to look perfect.

Firstly, lie on your right side and prop yourself on your hand. Then bend your left leg and put it firmly on the floor in front of you. Keep the ancle of your left leg with your left hand. After take a position, slowly raise and lower your right leg without sharp or high movement.

As the beginning do 10 or 12 reps for a set. After, repeat this exercise for as better as you can 30reps.

Then, change side (turn on your left) and repeat the same movements.

Fifth exc:  Dumbbell lunges

Keep your back straight with your hands along your sides. After do reverse lunges, it’s mean step back with your right leg. Then do it with your left leg. One step with the right leg, one step with the left leg. Trying to do the lunges deep, bending your leg forming 45º.

Sixth exc: Sidelong bows with a dumbbell

The dumbbell is preferable to have a weight 1kg. Put your left hand on your waist while with the right-hand holds your dumbbell.

Step right, bow down with a straight back and turn your torso in the line with your left leg.

Touch your right ankle with your left hand and keep your left leg straight and your right hand bend at the knee. The same exercise repeat for the other side. Do 30reps of each set.

Seventh exc: Leg raise from the prone position.

Prop yourself on your hands and right knee stretching your left leg. Slowly raise your right leg until it reaches peak height, then slowly lower it back. Change your leg after work and repeat the same excersise. Don’t forget 30reps for each set.