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Fitness apps (5 free apps) that technology support for wellbeing

At least once in a lifetime, all sports enthusiasts have tried, a fitness apps dedicated to fitness. As a result, this is how to monitor your progress or to follow your training plans.

There are many excellent free fitness apps for mobile devices and now also for wearable devices. These can be useful for optimizing workouts and for keeping track of the small achievements of each day. But… Which are the best free fitness apps for fitness?
In addition, here is a selection of the 5 most interesting and free applications that can be installed on mobile devices.

The best fitness and exercise apps for 2018
1. FitStar Personal Trainer – fitness apps

An application for iOS systems that guides through various level workouts and can give satisfaction to both amateurs and fitness enthusiasts. Also, don’t miss the yoga section. ( app for IOS)

2. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

App for iOS and Android free that allows you to choose between various training programs. These training programs range from 10 days a month for perfect abdominals. The exercises are shown in slow motion to allow you to learn the movements perfectly and avoid trauma. ( app for iOS and Android).

3. Fitnet

This free app is ideal for those wishing to have feedback on their fitness progress. Thanks to the smartphone or tablet camera, you can measure the quality of your workouts. ( app for iOS and Android ).

4. Sworkit

Not everyone has time or and desire to go to the gym. So, Sworkit is the App designed just for those who want to dedicate time to fitness. Also available in English and Italian language. ( app for iOS and Android).

5. Charity Miles

An App that is not just good for fitness. Every mile traveled are donated by Charity Miles and its sponsors. In other words, sums of money to charities. ( app for iOS and Android).