FITNESS BOOT CAMP: new frontier of benefits and fun of military fitness

What is the fitness boot camp?

First of all, The Fitness Boot Camp is a program of weight loss, strengthening and toning of the whole body. This takes place outdoors with a qualified coach. n other words, it takes inspiration from stars and stripes.

To clarify, The Fitness Boot Camp, was born in the military academy for the period of physical and motivation of future officers. He was born in Australia in 1991 and he spreads all over the world. Training and marines style, as we have seen in American films.

Fitness Boot Camp is a special training, which is a limited period of only 6 weeks. So, it allows you to fit and/or improve the fitness of anyone. Most importantly, if you are beginners, intermediate, advanced, men or women, you will have all the exceptional results.

The Fitness Boot Camp takes place with two or three workouts for an hour each. I train that you can follow a participant. There will be no division based on the starting level obtained. So, everyone follows the same training in both the individual and the couple’s exercises.

The best part is that you train outdoors, in public parks. Therefore, no more tools and gyms, just a green lawn and the weight of your body!

Overall improvements ranging from weight loss to muscle strengthening, from speed to endurance.

Bootcamp: how does it work?

First of all training sessions goes for sessions. The Bootcamp takes place in a limited period of time, only 6 weeks. With two or three workouts for an hour each. At the beginning, you will make physical tests of strength and endurance, to identify your starting level and then compare it with the results obtained at the end of the course.

There will be no division based on the level of departure obtained: all follow the same training in both the individual and in couples. The trainer, of course, will be attentive to the different possibilities of the participants.

Bootcamp: what are the benefits?

The Bootcamp is a high-intensity workout that involves the whole body. For instance, it helps you in a short time to dispose of calories and burn fat. The Bootcamp will tone up every part of your body, including your arms and shoulders. The program will not only allow you to decrease the fat mass index. Also, you can lose weight in a short time and thin thighs, hips and waist. So, it will help you increase strength and endurance. And it will make you stand upright. In fact, the posture improves: the shoulders open and the back straightens, or as to make you appear higher, slender and safe.

Start to look up and start to look like a gloomy; So, it’s the perfect time to try a new kind of training: the boot camp.

In short, prepare and go! Take a training bag, towel, and T-shirt.