Fitness boxing workout. How Healthy and benefits are

Fitness boxing gives us the benefits of a traditional boxing workout. This is without the risks of taking punches or suffering head trauma. Boxing isn’t just a sport anymore. It’s also a popular way to stay fit. This kind of boxing has many health benefits. In other words, it constantly requires us to think, change our position, and change our posture,

Are you’re interested in trying this kind of sport/fitness to change up your routine?

So, you’ll likely find classes at health clubs and your community centers. Just remember to take it slowly. It’s about consistency.

Fitness boxing is also a great aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Boxing as a sport requires a high level of athletic prowess. Like strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power, just to name several required attributes. Boxing as a fitness activity enables the average person to hone those same athletic skills. All without having to take a punch. But the average person who can throw a punch isn’t a boxer. Beginners must learn the basics to get the most out of their workout and skills.

Some TOP benefits of fitness boxing

1- Improve total body strength and body composition
2- Improve better eye and hand coordination
3- Decreased stress
4- Enhanced cardiovascular health

What to Expect from fitness boxing

There are two types of boxing.
1- Training that focuses on teaching boxers to compete in the ring.
2- fitness boxing that focuses on helping “everyday athletes” get in better shape.

The basic skills are the same for two types of boxing. However, you will learn to jab, uppercut, and hook; you work on footwork and speed, core strength and agility, and power and flexibility. In some cases, depending on the facility, you’ll also learn MMA-style (mixed martial arts) kicking sequences.

As a result, today is fitness-friendly boxing clubs. Just anyone can walk in and get started, regardless of baseline fitness. Because most boxing classes focus on body weight exercises. So, you can go at your own pace and ramp up the intensity only as you see fit.

Can we do fitness boxing at home?

It’s a good idea!!! If we like to exercise without a gym membership, we can also set up our own boxing workout at home. Also, we need to purchase some equipment to get started. We can buy 75- to a 100-pound bag. It’s a long, cylindrical bag that can be hung from a stand or a sturdy ceiling beam. Also, boxing gloves, a medicine ball, and a jump rope.

How to do fitness boxing at home?

With the items suggested before. Pound bag, boxing gloves, medicine ball, and a jump rope, we could run through the following workout. This workout is about 30 minutes, all without needing a partner to box with:

Fitness Boxing Workout:

• 5-minute steady jump rope warm up
• 3 minutes of heavy bag work. Cycling between 30 seconds of all-out punching and 30 seconds of “recovery” punching at a slower rate
• 3 minutes of speed bag work and cardio. Cycling between 30 seconds of alternating punching with the speed bag and 30 seconds of jumping jacks
• 3 minutes of core work – one-minute plank, one-minute medicine ball oblique twists, and one-minute leg lifts

• 3 minutes of strength work. One minute of medicine ball squats, one-minute walking lunges, and one minute staggered pushups on the medicine ball. Rolling the ball between your hands for each pushup
• 3 minutes of power work. One-minute broad jumps (jumping as far as you can, back and forth). One minute per leg of side-kicking the bag. Kicking the bag with the bottom of your foot as you kick your leg out laterally. And lean your torso to the opposite direction

to conclude the training:

• Repeat the heavy bag sequence. • Also, repeat the sequence of speed bag
• cool down for 3-minute with a slow and steady jump rope

In conclusion, Fitness Boxing is one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health. Also, and it’s a lot of fun too.