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Fitness: The most challenging exercise for the buttocks.

Situation is very hot now, especially when we speak for buttocks. Will provide fitness the most challenging exercise for the buttocks.

Is one of “most interesting problem” for women. They want to be at top having relaxed and tone buttocks. The buttocks are the largest muscles of our body, the most difficult to tone. But with a demanding job every one of us will have results.

Avoiding some mistakes during fitness, the most challenging exercise for the buttocks.

Here are some mistakes to avoid and the most effective exercise relaxed buttocks.

And who does not have it? It is one of the biggest crests of us women. Gravity, you know plays tricks on it. The truth is that they are the largest muscles in the body, therefore the most difficult to tone. Not to mention then that often you do wrong exercises, chasing false myths.

The exercises not to do.

Those who love machines usually do a lot of repetitions with light loads, while the buttock needs an important load to be toned. The abductor machine, which we think is ideal for sculpting these muscles, actually makes the glutenous mediums (the central part of the buttock) that has the function of giving stability to the body, so it can not give excellent results. The muscle on which we must work is the glutenous maximums, that to be clear, that makes us walk. So you have to choose “walked” exercises.
The press – which is often done using a low number of repetitions, with the concept that burns more fat – is to predominantly tone the quadriceps. So it is better not to waste time and energy and to do something else, following some rules.

Fitness rules for toning the buttock.

-The load must be heavy so the ideal is to add the handlebars at least 3 kilos
-The buttock must move first in full stretch and then in flexion
– Repetitions must be slow

Fitness: The most challenging exercise to tone the buttocks

The lunge is the top to stimulate the buttocks because it respects the most noble function of the glutenous maximums. The extension of the hip.
The best exercise for the buttocks
The ideal is to do it with dumbbells, just because you have to use high loads to stimulate it. It is better to choose the “walk” version.
You have to keep a range of repetitions between 8 and 12. At the beginning it is enough even one, then the ideal is to reach 3.

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