Best Chest training program in 15 minutes

Getting Best Fitness Chest program only in 15 minutes.

Best Fitness Chest Training program, are some series that we have prepared. In 15-minute workouts, one for each muscle group. We can use these workouts during the week or combine them with each other. If we are really brave, we could get them all at 5 in one session. This is to have a devastating full-body workout.

Here are the 5 workouts:

If you have tried the previous workouts, you know how much “damage” it is possible to procure.  The “damage” is to the muscle fibers with a short but well-designed workout. Well, we can do the same with the bibs.
There may be several occasions when this workout really proves to be very useful. If we do not have enough time, we have little equipment, or it’s a very busy day at the gym (and we do not want to risk “losing” the equipment we need), this workout becomes a perfect solution.
How many times do you have to wait for your turn at the flat bench or to see others occupy?  While we are completing a superseries or a circuit. From today it will not happen again.

Triset:The workout uses the famous Triset technique.
Fitness: Pectoral training program in 15 minutes

People already know the Superset (or superserie) in which they perform. Two consecutive exercises without pauses, resting only at the end of the second exercise. With the Triset does not change much, the only difference is in the number of exercises:   three in these case.

You run a series for exercise 1, without pauses you immediately run a series of exercise 2. Always without pauses you execute a series of exercise 3. At this point you can rest for the indicated time. This is a series of a Triset.

Always without pauses you execute a series of exercise 3. At this point you can rest for the indicated time. This is a series of a Triset.

The technique of Best Fitness Chest program in this case is the same muscle group. The chest and turns out to be really brutal. Causing a shock really important to the muscle and going to hit all the fibers. By its nature the Triset also maintains a high heartbeat. Thus ensuring an optimal stimulus not only for muscle growth, but also for the caloric expenditure. During and after training (the so-called EPOC). Essential to keep our metabolism healthy and if we wanted to reduce fat mass.

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You have to be careful not to be confused. In the gym there are often people who claim to “isolate” the pectoral highs or lows with specific exercises. This is false. The chest is a single muscle (composed of different bundles) and when it is contracted it always does so completely. What can change is the emphasis placed on the contraction of particular areas of the muscle. Such as the clavicular or costal bundles.

The exercises of Best Fitness Chest program are not random. In fact, each of them places more emphasis on a chest area than the others. The exercises are also ordered in order to be able to give the best in each one.
There’s more: when performing Triset there is always the risk of seeing. Someone else occupy some of our positions while we are “jumping” from one exercise to another. With this training, there is no fear: we can perform all the exercises using only a flat bench.