Fitness exercises and balanced diet for perfect buttocks

Where do we find the time? Is it possible to tone muscles with fitness exercises and balanced diet?
Hard, isn’t it?
Let’s try it though, let’s try to organize the day by finding space all for ourselves, even if we don’t get miracles, it won’t hurt!

One Week fitness exercises and balanced diet to tighten the buttocks

If you are lucky enough to have a normal lower back, without major problems, a balanced diet and long walks will be sufficient to keep it in perfect shape. Just follow a special diet that favors proteins but at the same time helps to speed up the metabolism and helps burn fat.

Progressively reduce the number of calories consumed daily until the target weight is reached. To know the number of calories not to be exceeded, just multiply your weight by the value 33: eg. if the weight is 55 kg, the 1815 calories per day should not be exceeded (55×33 Kg = 1815 Kcal).

If your problem is low buttocks or cellulite, this is the diet for you.

Fitness exercises and balanced diet for perfect buttocks
A week’s diet. Let’s see what this is all about

It’s better for breakfast: a yogurt or a glass of soy milk, corn flakes, and a coffee or tea.

Then for snack: a fruit, a coffee or a tea.

Lunch is also important. It has many alternatives:
Then eat rice or pasta seasoned in different ways such as ragu (sauce and ground meat). Or with fish tuna, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, etc. The quantity must be at least 50gr and must not exceed 100gr.
Like the latter, you can eat a hard-boiled egg, prosciutto, chicken fart, oily fish, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, etc. Always do not miss the mixed salad.

The second snack: any fruit

Like lunch, dinner is also important. We must choose with attention. It can be a soup of legumes, parmesan and boiled spinach seasoned with raw oil and lemon. Or rice with broccoli, or pumpkin, lentils, beans, steamed salmon. Boiled vegetables or mixed salad.

But … Obviously, the diet is not enough to get the firm buttocks as we want them. We must also do some physical activity and exercises targeted for the B side.

…Better to do…

It is advisable to take many walks (on foot and/or by bike) and the following exercises at least three times a week. The step is the ideal exercise to improve the muscles of the buttocks, but you can also use exercise bikes and bicycles or go swimming.

3 simple exercises we can do every day or 3 times a week.

Exercise 1: get down on the floor, resting your knees and forearms. Contract the buttocks and abdominals and perform 15 thrusts first with the left leg and then with the right. Do two repetitions. The leg that you pull up must be taut and the foot must be a hammer, the leg resting on the floor must be at 90 ° and a hammer foot.

Exercises 2: always on all fours on the floor, perform lateral thrusts by flexing the leg outwards and drawing a 90 ° angle, in this way you will work on the inner thigh, also here 2 repetitions of 15 per leg.

Exercise 3: spread legs, back straight and perform 3 sets of 20 squats.

With these 3 simple exercises repeated every day or three times a week for a month and with a healthy and balanced diet. We will be able to get the buttocks much firmer and we will begin to eliminate cellulite.