Fitness near me! 15 minutes no equipment HIIT workout

What we mean, fitness near me? This means staying healthy. Also it means staying fit and working out.

In this article we will discover how it will be fitness near me? Fitness workouts designed by trainer consultant for those who like to work free body. Those who like to be healthy and to stay fit. Maybe those who like to work at home without special equipment.

The workouts are based on the HIIT protocol (High Intensity Interval Training).

This training mode is one of the “new” frontiers of fitness near me and has become very popular. Even among those who practice bodybuilding in a more classic way. Especially to replace the traditional LISS cardio – Low-Intensity Sustained State.

This is because studies, experiments have shown without doubt that HIIT burns much more calories and takes less time.

For example the “Tabata” protocol lasts only 8 minutes! Above all, it preserves muscle mass compared to the milder and tedious aerobic activities.

We discover and explain immediately this workout and the execution of the exercises. Work and recovery times, also trying to understand who can be more addressed.

This is because based on the choice of the exercises and their execution we can work on different objectives. For example, some free-body exercises may require an explosive performance, while others don’t.

Free body HIIT workout.

The first workout lasts only “18 minutes” (doing 15-second pauses) but we can guarantee that they will be very intense. First of all, we immediately notice that the type of training recalls the Tabata protocol.

In which the working time (here of 30 seconds) is twice that of the recovery each 15 seconds. If you are totally beginners, you could have serious aerobic difficulties to deal with this card as it is described.

fitness near me

In this circuit we work mainly on legs, buttocks and abdomen. We do not recommend it only to women, but also to men. As the lower region is often underestimated by the boys but it is better to always have well trained.

In fact, the famous “leg drive” becomes very important in the basic exercises. And moreover a trained core is also useful in everyone’s life. The daily movements that we perform without often giving us much weight.

hiit exercises
HIIT exc

As seen, the training is totally free body. So it becomes essential to maintain a high pace. Trying to run every single station to its fullest strength.
Both for an excellent cardiovascular training able to improve our fitness near me capacity.

Both to strengthen the legs and also improve the explosiveness. We can advise especially if we practice sports such as football, volleyball, athletics, basketball, tennis … .

This routine is expected to be a high number of calories because of its level of intensity.