Fitness summer exercises. Lovely motivation and tricks

The fitness summer exercises are a physical activity of the next winter season. Summer is the season in which even those who do not work regularly, devote themselves to sport and movement. This is driven by the favorable climate and the greater availability of free time.

First of all, it is nutrition and hydration.

The diet should be based on light foods, easily digestible and preferably with a low hypoglycemic index. It should also be remembered that, in summer, fitness summer exercises requires constant replenishment of water and mineral salts.


Drinking water for fitness summer exercises is an effective action strategy to keep the body hydrated and the level of optimal physical performance. Above all, hydration is not only drinking water but other elements like clothes and shoes.

Even clothing is an element of primary importance in sports. In fact, in the summer the abundant sweating requires the use of fresh and light clothing that allows correct transpiration. The attention should also be given to the feet: “in addition to wearing appropriate footwear”.

Slashing: “practicing physical activity during the hottest hours of the day can also cause the so-called” heat stroke “. This is a sudden increase in body temperatures, headaches, nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate and a feeling of general malaise. For this year, they are preferred.

I think we must adequately protect our skin from the sun, through the use of a sunscreen suitable for our own prototype. In addition, it is advisable never to ignore the execution of heating. Like walking or running to prepare the body for more intense physical activity, while allowing a gradual increase in heart rate.

In conclusion: It is good for everyone to foresee, a moment dedicated to muscle stretching.


Using our weight for resistance is one of the greatest fitness trends this season. So, better to use our weight and body. This is great for toning and allows a wider range of movement. Finally, we can do it anywhere because we do not need heavy equipment or fitness equipment.

If we take the habit and treat these five exercises at the end of our usual routine. In addition, we will see a real difference in our endurance, shape, and body.

Aim to make 10 reps of each and build from there.

• For abs: Lie on our back. Put our hands on the floor on both sides and lift our feet in the air in front of. Slowly lift it up and down whenever we can.

• For essence and shoulders: Make a push. Get in position with our hands slightly over the width and shoulders and in accordance with our chest (keeping our body in the right line). Contract our muscles and stomach and sit back and restart again.

• For a muscle workout: Try a burpee. Start in a tight position, then throw our feet into our hands, stand straight up with our hands in the air and jump. Earth with our weight is distributed evenly between the feet. Then place our hands on the floor next to our feet, jump back to the position and start and repeat.

• For the lower part and the stomach: Feet – stand with our legs wide and hold our arms in front of. Keep our weight on our legs and sit until our thighs are parallel to the floor. Stay at the bottom. Push our feet to the position and start and repeat.

• For Legs: Stand right, forward and forward with one leg, so our forehead throat is perpendicular to the floor. Push it with our front leg and head back and forth. Repeat with the other leg.

Eat smart on training days

How many great workouts are let down by bad eating habits? A lot. The right diet is the key to burning calories and reaching our fitness goals. If our motivation is to weight loss, first, skip eating breakfast on a gym morning.

Switch our breakfast time after our workout session can help boost fat burning. Probably, if we need a little pre-workout snack, we must eat an apple or a spoonful of peanut butter. Apples are full of quercetin, which helps improve energy in our metabolism.

A good mix of fat, protein, and fiber, peanut butter encourages slow-release energy. It’s also an excellent source of niacin and folic acid. In other words, this aid the body in converting food to energy, intensifying our workout.

Add a handful of raisins a few minutes before we start training as well. So, we will run a minute faster than the others.

Drink coffe

Make a ‘lean & clean’ coffee an hour before exercising, will give us the motivation to get to the gym and the energy to work out for longer, plus it accelerates fat burning. If we add a teaspoon of coconut oil or organic butter instead of milk to increase the effects.

Drinking coffee in this way an hour before exercise increases endurance.

Taking caffeine before a workout, triggers the muscles to start using fat as an energy source. Rather than carbohydrates, leading to accelerated fat loss. Also, drinking coffee after a workout boosts levels of glycogen, our muscle’s fuel source.

Observe the burn

Some scientists of phycology have discovered that thinking about our muscles before or during exercise can actually make them stronger. ‘Before every training session, better to do a minute of breathing where we set our intentions for the next hour. Therefore, this way involves breathing deeply and thinking about what we want to achieve. Like burning calories, feeling stronger or running a faster 10k.

I’ve witnessed how this increases the effectiveness of their workout and creates a neural flow between the mind and the muscles.’ Dr of a psychologist in exercise and sport said: ‘Our mindset is incredibly powerful in relation to exercise, from the distraction method. For instance, where we use music or stunning scenery to distract from the pain of exercise to the enjoyment factor.

So, our mind’s ability is to help our body do better could be even higher than that.