Fitness trackers, the best wearable fitness to buy in 2019

Inactive life is one of the main causes of health problems such as chronic illnesses, weight gain and low productivity. Fitness trackers are the best and best way to monitor our daily activities and overall health. Today it is important to lead an active lifestyle.

So, today the best leaders in our life are fitness trackers. The best fitness trackers offer an easy way to monitor our activities with the utmost precision.

Why a fitness tracker?

Firstly, Fitness trackers have always been a great source of motivation for fitness enthusiasts. The specific results provided by these top sports trackers show how many calories have been burned. What is the degree of heart and how many workouts should we do?

Some of these devices are also synchronized with a smartphone or tablet. So, we can easily and quickly learn our exercise routines. Furthermore, we can keep track of our activities. In conclusion, these devices behave like a large space, which counts the exact number of steps we have taken in a day.

We must be wise and choose carefully our fitness trackers!

However, we can find the process a little confusing. Do not worry anyway! In this review, we focus on the critical aspects of the fitness tracker to facilitate our tasks.

Now let’s take a look at our highest evaluation of fitness evaluation for more details. But, first of all, we need to know why we need a fitness tracker?

We can use them (fitness trackers) to optimize our workouts with heart rate zone. Also, to get accurate calorie burn stats and shed light on our overall fitness progression. 

We will list some latest and best seller of fitness trackers. To see how they fared for comfort, battery life accuracy and of course their value of money.

Let’s start from the cheapest and over

The most gifted.
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3, series is all about fitness tracking to those on tighter budgets, it’s under 50usd. This band is nice and lightweight, 20gr. Its design is very basic with automatic activity tracking and a boasting bigger curved OLED touchscreen. Have an optical heart rate, sleep tracking and waterproofing. Heart rate tracking will use its sensors to estimate our distance during runs.

In conclusion: * Sleep tracking are covered with reliable feedback on the total duration and a breakdown for a light or deep sleep.

  • Use in 50 meters swimming waterproof;
  • Duration 20 days long battery life
The most wished.
Garmin 010-01597-01vvivo move Sport with Sport Band, White

First of all, Garmin Vivo move fitness tracker gives us the luxury of all-day activity tracking without losing style. The elegant timepiece tracks our steps, monitors sleep and syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app to view our stats in more detail. The best is that we can see our step progress is tracked throughout the day.

Also, we can see on the watch face. Its impressive 1-year battery life lets us track activity 24/7 without having to worry about charging it every night. In conclusion, it is the best style and the latest slimline update.

  • Easy to use – works right out of the box with no connectivity needed
  • Long battery life – up to 1 year of battery life, no re-charging needed
  • Available in silicone, Leather, Rose gold-tone and stainless steel, choose which design complements your style best
  • It is waterproof so,  you can take it for a dip in the pool and as quick drying time
The hottest new releases.
TOP MAX Fitness Tracker Watch for Women, (Black)

It is so elegant and sport too. Is a daily activity pedometer tracker with Calorie Step Counter. Sleep Monitor-Heart Rate Blood Pressure. Monitor Sedentary Reminder for Android and iOS Smartphone

It records our daily activity, so we can check the number of our steps, a distance we walked. Also, most important check our calorie consumption within the app. It supports 24h in real-time monitoring of our heart rate & blood pressure.

In addition, it helps us to make suitable exercise plans. The fitness tracker can automatically recognize our sleep state and monitor our sleep progress. Also, identifying our deep sleep and light sleep hours. 

Fitbit Ace and Fitbit Alta/ Fitbit Alta HR band (5.5″-6.7″),

Is the Newest one Adjustable Sport Strap Replacement Bands for Fitbit Ace and Fitbit Alta HR Smartwatch Fitness Wristbands just for kids. (white)

Finally, the best way to inspire the younger members of our family to be more active. Conclusion, is Fitbit Ace the way forward.  Fitbit Ace has made to look just like any normal fitness tracker. But it is built for a smaller writs. This device isn’t much cheaper than the adult version, either. 

There’s a welcome opportunity for kids to add a bit of personalization. An adjustable bracelet makes it easy to find a comfortable fit and controls are simple to understand and easy to read.

Therefore, the features have been specially tailored for eight-year-olds and above. This includes step tracking, total active minutes and moves reminders to encourage kids to hit 60 minutes of activity each day. And when they do hit their goals, there are kid-friendly celebration messages and virtual badges to collect when they reach big milestones.

Fitbit Ace

There’s a full suite of Fitbit sleep tracking for the kids too, including a silent vibrating alarm to rouse them from their slumber at the optimum time.  A decent five-day battery life will take your kids through a school week.

In conclusion, family members can also send messages and cheers for extra support. 

Also, some of the functions you get on the adult trackers have been left out, you still get all the general activity essentials that you would on grown-up Fitbits.

But, perhaps the best feature is the step challenges that let children go head to head with other selected users – including their parents – and compare stats with friends. If we had one gripe, it’d be the fact the band is water resistant rather than waterproof, which could leave it open to swim-related mishaps.

Fitbit Versa Black Aluminum, Black Aluminum

Meet Fitbit Versa—an all-day companion that helps you live your best life. Versa styling, including the ability to personalize it with interchangeable straps and customizable watch faces. It’s also incredibly light, with a bright 1.34-inch color display that’s crisp and easy to read. Nice sports watch – lightweight, trendy & multi-functional.

In addition, the Versa is the second fitness-focussed smartwatch in the Fitbit range and sports. The Versa also includes a free service that offers personalized guided workouts and coaching plans to help you hit your goals. Sleep tracking is automatic and uses the heart rate monitor to accurately break your nightly rest into sleep stages.

Fitbit Versa

Plus you get those useful hourly move reminders too. It is waterproof to 50m, however, and tracks swimming along with yoga. It is waterproof to 50m, however, and tracks swimming along with yoga. 

In conclusion. battery life stretches to a healthy four days, making this is a solid, wallet-friendly alternative for Android users who want a smartwatch