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Fitness of yoga that you will not be bored, trying 5 types!

Have you already tried them … Bikram yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, kriya yoga …? As a result nobody has impressed you? Know that there are some new variations of this ancient discipline that would just do it for you!


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1 – FITNESS OF YOGA. Sup yoga

Standing up paddle, It is a practice of classic hatha yoga. Unframed table top made unstable by floating on the water.
Consequently, sup yoga will give you the physical benefits of asanas, balance, flexibility and strength. A “core commitment”, the “central” part of the body. Abdomen, back and buttocks work tirelessly to keep you balanced on the table. Not just on a mental level, besides concentration. The practice on water has an effect of total relaxation on the mind. Likewise the supreme yoga can be practiced at the pool. The lesson lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

2 – FITNESS OF YOGA. Yoga Doga

You have a dog? It’s the right practice for you! Doga combines the words “dog” (dog) and yoga, and consists of practicing yoga. Exactly with your dog. Born in the United States and spread mainly in Japan. The Doga is a sequence of breathing positions and exercises that are performed under the guidance of an instructor. This instructor is an animal expert but can also be replicated at home. The main purpose of this discipline is to strengthen the relationship with your faithful four-legged friend. With which thanks to the relaxation, you can get even more in tune.

3 – FITNESS OF YOGA. Hoop Yoga

When you were little, did you go crazy for the hula hoop? Know you can use that the circle in your yoga practice. In other words, i know how to make it dynamic and fun! Not sure how to use? Therefore, on the internet you can find several sites. In addition. What about it and video tutorials that explain how to use the hula hoop to improve your positions.

4 – FITNESS OF YOGA. Harry Potter Yoga

For a truly magical practice, there is Harry Potter Yoga. In Texas, instructors Isabel and Ximena proposed a 60-minute lesson inspired by the “Potterverse elements”. Armed with magic wand. The two sisters are those present to perform asanas with inspired names. In addition, Whomping Willow, Upward Health, Cat-Cow Pose and Reverse Wizard. During Savasana, the final relaxation, they read excerpts from the Potterian saga. The Harry Potter Yoga initiative dates back to a few years ago, but the two teachers are still interviewed about it.

5 – FITNESS OF YOGA. Yoga on horseback

On the ground you learn the basics of yoga, then you climb on horseback and repeat the exercises. The benefits of controlled breathing, maintaining correct posture and concentration. Contact with the animal. By practicing this discipline, you can gain more confidence in yourself and find a sense of serenity. Serenity also comes thanks to total immersion in nature. In conclusion, on a physical level, in addition, you will soon have more toned muscles and physical agility.