How to get in shape for Christmas holidays, our guide

“Survival” how to get in shape Christmas holidays.

Now for the Christmas holidays we are all afraid of ruining the sacrifices made in the gym eating badly and too much during the holidays. Here are some tricks, how to get in shape.

When the Christmas season approaches, we are always invaded by
questions and requests . How to get in shape???? What is the best strategy for not ruining the results of all the hours and months spent in the gym? There is the risk of eating unhealthily by eating large binges.
It’s true, there’s a risk. But it is up to us to organize ourselves to get prepared for this period, trying to spend with pleasure without too much anxieties.
Our advice is to follow these 5 tactics to be able to better balance the workouts and moments of conviviality. It is sure that we will eat some less healthy food and some more treats.

Reduce carbohydrates in the days before the big meal

For convenience, let’s take the example in which Christmas is on Friday. Let’s say that starting from a week before, we could start to reduce carbohydrates every day for 4 days. For example from the previous Friday until Tuesday. The reduction can be more or less drastic, depending on how many carbohydrates we usually eat. We avoid a cut too drastic because there is a second step to follow. This is a second cut to carbohydrates that we could do from Wednesday until Saturday, before the big binge.

By doing so, we will say: how to get in shape? Getting to the Christmas meal under the best conditions, as our body will actually need more caloric and carbohydrate intake. Now that we have done a good job, the Christmas meal will even help us to improve our condition and maintain a fat-burning metabolism.

Train shortly before the big meal

Again, the idea is to use food as nourishment the moment our body needs it most. In this way we would reduce as much as possible, if at all, the possible “damages” due to the ingestion of unhealthy food compared to our habits. Keep in mind that we are talking about a very intense workout, so maybe characterized by superseries, circuits, and aerobic work. More training will be behind.

Use protein powder

The choice of protein powder compared to a solid food is mainly in the lower caloric intake because to take the same amount from food will certainly make us ingest more calories. The idea in this case is to take an adequate protein intake (from supplements or “solid” food) before the Christmas meal. The aim is to reduce our appetite and thus reduce the caloric intake of the meal or dinner in question.

Eating consciously

A sweet here, a surplus here … and the calories taken increase without realizing it. The consequence, also due to less healthy foods, is a sensation of swelling and laziness. Who takes possession of us in the days around Christmas and New Year. So let’s enjoy the company of loved ones and good food, but always using the brain.

Drink a lot (Yes, but … not the wine!)

We know that the holidays carry an abundance of food and alcohol. What does it mean? That we automatically need optimal hydration so that our body can always work in the best way. Given that, as mentioned, it is important to continue training in these days of revelry. We drink a lot of water. So we try to enjoy the holidays, relax the mind and recharge the batteries for the new year.

If we use these strategies to stay fit and on the right track, even if we do some hiccups here and there.

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