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Plank workout, how to get in shape in 5 amazing minutes

Find out how the plank workout works and how to get back in shape in just 5 amazing minutes a day. 

The plank workout is one of the best exercises for core conditioning.            It also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance. A plank does not just work your core, though. Your core includes your lower back!
This is easier than you may think.
After having explained how to do the training of 5 minutes a day and the “30 days challenge squat”.

Plank workout, how to get in shape in 5 amazing minutes
Plank Workout
Do you know what it consists of?

It is an intensive training program lasting 5 minutes that involves the exercise of the plank. That is bend similar to push-ups, but they are carried out with the arms bent and with the elbows resting on the ground. Maintaining the position perfectly flat and straight for a variable time. The plank has different variations and types of exercises. They also provide weight.
But let’s see in detail how a 5-minute plank workout session takes place.

The exercise: The plank

Plank is a simple exercise to do. At the same time difficult to resist if you are not very fit. Put yourself on the ground with your arms in front of you and your elbows resting. Standing on tiptoes and keeping a straight position parallel to the ground. Keep your stomach in and contract your muscles this exercise will work abdominals, legs and buttocks. This position must be maintained for 5 minutes in a row! To achieve really satisfying results, you will have to practice this effort every day for at least a month.
If at the beginning of your plank program you have difficulties. Try to stretch for as long as possible by focusing on your breathing as much as possible. The action will oxygenate the muscles and make the task easier.

How to get in shape in 5 amazing minutes
Folds on the arms
Folds on the arms, why does it help you get in shape?

The exercise of the “table”, or the plank, is a complete training. This simultaneously tones your abs, legs, buttocks, back and arms. Plank is an exercise that everyone can practice. Especially those who prefer to train at home or do not have much time to devote to sport in general or to the gym. Your core muscles are a series of muscles in your midsection. They are used in most forms of movement. From one limb to another. They are also used to increase their effectiveness. As such a strong core will make a big improvement on your ability to move and exercise further.
The best of …
It can treat anxiety and symptoms of depression.

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