Resume fitness after the lovely summer holidays. Let’s go!

Upon returning from vacation we realized that we were out of shape and have also taken a few pounds. When the time comes to resume fitness, many of us do not know where to start or soon find themselves with little time available. Also a decrease in motivation due to a daily routine.

It is necessary to act to return to the usual best form. But how????

To do this it is important to focus on 2 essential factors:
The first factor is the correct diet. and the second is regular physical activity, even considering physical fitness at home.

With these fitness tips, we’ll guide you towards a gradual recovery your shaped.

Recovery in the right order

If the sporting truce lasted less than 15 days, resume fitness by shortening the training a little.
For 15 days, gradually resume training.
At least the first, if not the next two, and gradually increases over the course of the week until the usual training is found.

Always walking

Better start walking, whether we choose to do it outdoors or in the gym. Walk at a steady and steady pace.

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If we do it in the gym, the treadmill must be at speed 5 and if we do it with a little inclination (let’s say that 4 or 5 of value can be enough) it’s even better.
Cut half an hour or forty minutes every other day or, alternatively, one hour three days a week.

Resume fitness at home

If you fear you don’t have the time to go to the gym or if recording seems too expensive, why not practice sports at home!!!

Pilates or mats?

These are excellent sweet disciplines that allow us to adapt, starting with a more intense activity of movement. Pilates, like the mat, is a muscular education of your body.
This is based on the concentration and control of the muscles, on the breath. Above all, it is characterized by low-impact exercises.

Resume good habits for food

For returning to the sport, we must first order the fridge to find, in the right place, a lot of balanced food.

For example:
High-quality protein: beef, fish, eggs, chicken.
Legumes without starch: all legumes except potatoes, peas, and corn.
There is no shortage of natural fats: avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil.

Prepare sports clothing

Why not give yourself new fitness clothing? This is to get back in shape and motivate yourself to get exercise, equipped. Why not also try the AB220 to work the abs, the dumbbells to strengthen the arm muscles.
Does the Gymball find the flat stomach or the Medicine Ball to tone the whole body?

Finally. We should drink at least 2 liters of water a day to eliminate toxins and fats and, at the same time, have a moisturized and radiant skin.

With these sports tips, we will allow ourself to regain the form gradually. Change activities to never tire of ourself.
We don’t forget to give ourself a restful sleep, as a guarantee of a better shape !!!